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Picture Title:Nanowire as an optical fiber
Photographer/ Operator/ Designer Name:Prof. Y. Bando
Institute Name:National Institute for Materials Science
Description:AFM of semiconductor nanowire (Mn-doped GaN) is shown on A. It has a diameter of about 300 nm as seen on a height profile crossing it (B). The nanowire shows fluorescence in near infrared when excited by a green laser (488 nm). Scanning laser confocal fluorescence image of it is on C. D shows fluorescence image of the nanowire, being excited at its center by a tightly focused laser spot (∼300 nm diameter). The nanowire is imaged by a cooled CCD camera in a "direct image" mode of the spectrograph; the excitation laser light is completely cut off by edge filters in this scheme (as well as in scanning laser confocal fluorescence detection scheme). From the image (D) it is clear that the emission light is partially transmitted through the nanowire from the center to both ends. From light intensity profile (E) it can be determined that about 70% of emitted light is transmitted for more than 10µm.
Institute Site:http://www.nanowerk.com/nanobusiness/showroom/NT-MDT/nanotubes_as_they_are.php
Dimensions:590 * 208

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