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Picture Title:Nanowire Networks on Layered Materials
Photographer/ Operator/ Designer Name:Rainer Adelung
Institute Site:http://www.ieap.uni-kiel.de/surface/ag-kipp/nano/nano.htm

The deposition of atoms or molecules on extremely flat and highly unreactive surfaces of layered crystals such as transition metal dichalcogenides leads to self organized formation of nanowire networks associated with subtle strain effects on almost perfect single crystals. Their structure is mainly controlled by adjusting growth parameters during and after chemical vapor transport (CVT) growth of the substrates. Network dimensions are only limited by the size of the substrates (up to cm2).

Layered transition metal dichalcogenides have been studied extensively both because of interest in fundamental physical properties such as phase transitions, charge density waves and quasi two-dimensional (2D) electronic structures and because of potential technological applications in solar cells and batteries.  Compared to other semiconductors like silicon or simple metals this causes very large diffusion lengths, because almost no imperfection stops movement on the surface.
Institute Site:http://www.nanopicoftheday.org/2004Pics/April2004/NWnetwork.htm
Dimensions:400 * 213

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