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Picture Title:Gallium Arsenide STM
Photographer/ Operator/ Designer Name:Randall Feenstra
Institute Site:http://stm1.phys.cmu.edu/stm/
Description:An STM image of the GaAs(110) surface. Gallium atoms (empty states) are pictured in green, and arsenic atoms (filled states) are shown in red.  Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) is a heterostructure material that is very important in high speed electronics.  The area of cross-sectional STM (Scanning Tunneling Microscopy) is a method used to study semiconductor heterostructures, consisting of adjoining layers of semiconductor materials of differing types (a periodic array of such layers is referred to as a superlattice). The heterostructures are cleaved on a (110) crystal plane, thereby exposing a cross-section of the structure and permitting study of the interfaces between layers and/or the properties of the specially grown layers themselves.
Institute Site:http://www.nanopicoftheday.org/2004Pics/February2004/GaAsSTM.htm
Dimensions:512 * 512

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