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First Name:AYACHE
Last Name:Rachid
Affiliation:University of Batna
Position:Assistant Professor
Address:Pharmacy department
Discipline:Applied physics
Technical Division:Nanomaterial
Research Areas:Structural and Optical Properties of Transition Metal and Rare-Earth Silicides.
Publications:*** R. Ayache,, A. Bouabellou and F.Eichhorn STUDY OF ION BEAM SYNTHESIZED YSi2-X LAYERS International Journal of Nanoscience Vol. 9, No. 6 (2010) 549-552 *** R. Ayache,, A. Bouabellou and F. Eichhorn YTTRIUM SILICIDE FILMS INTO SI(111) -FABRICATION AND PROPERTIES Superlattices and Microstructures 45 (2009) 388-392 *** R. Ayache , A. Bouabellou, F. Eichhorn E. Richter and A. Mucklich ION BEAM SYNTHESIS AND CHARACTERIZATION OF YTTRIUM SILICIDE IN Si(111) Materials Science and Engineering C 27 (2007) 1479-1481 *** R. Ayache, A. Bouabellou, F. Eichhorn E. Richter and A. Mucklich SURFACE MODIFICATION OF (111)Si SUBSTRATE BY IRON ION IMPLANTATION: GROWTH OF A THIN β-FeSi2 LAYER. Review of Scientific Instruments 77, 03C108 (2006). *** R. Ayache, A. Bouabellou, F. Eichhorn and E. Richter STRUCTURAL AND OPTICAL PROPERTIERS OF β-FeSi2 PHASE PREPARED BY ION BEAM SYNTHESIS Review on Advanced Materials Science 8(2004)97 *** R. Ayache, A. Bouabellou, and E. Richter OPTICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF β-FeSi2 LAYERS FORMED BY ION BEAM SYNTHESIS Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 7 (2004) 463 *** R. Ayache, E. Richter and A. Bouabellou MICROSTRUCTURE OF β-FeSi2 BURIED LAYERS SYNTHESIS BY ION IMPLANTATION Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 216 (2004)137

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