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Name of Company/ Organization:Alpha Nano Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Description:Welcome to AlphaNano Technology Co., Ltd, AlphaNano is a high-tech companyinvolved in the frontal research and development of nanomaterials, we are committedto supply our customers high quality carbon nanotubes at low prices, whetheryou're an independent researcher or a large-volume user of carbon nanotubes,we hope all kinds of collaboration to develop carbon nanotubes production andapplication. Products including: Experiment Grade Carbon nanotubes Single wall carbon nanotubes [SWNT] Multi wall carbon nanotubes [MWNT] Functionalized Single wall carbon nanotubes Functionalized Multi wall carbon nanotubes Short Multi wall carbon nanotubes Industrial Grade Carbon nanotubes Other nano materials Nano oxides Nano solutions
Nanotechnology Products:Carbon Nanotubes,Nano Fe2O3 powder,Nano Fe3O4 powder; SWNT,MWNT,OH Functionalized MWNT, COOH Functionalized MWNT,Short MWNT,Industrial Grade MWNT
State:Sichuan Prov., 610064
Pin/ Zip Code:610041
Address:503, Science and Technology Innovation Center, Sichuan University
Telephone:+86 13608183334
Fax:+86 (28) 61532990
Contact Person:Hongrong Li related page 1:alphanano
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