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Name of Company/ Organization:CMC Microsystems
Company Description:We deliver innovative and cost-effective services to a growing community of researchers in the National Design Network that connects 46 post-secondary educational institutions across Canada, and presently involves more than 830 faculty members, 2,100 graduate students, 3,500 undergraduate students, and 250 other researchers. Over the period 2006-2010, CMC delivered a value of over $105 million in tools, technologies, and support to Canadian universities.
Nanotechnology Products:CMC Microsystems enables and supports the creation and application of micro- and nano-system knowledge by providing a national infrastructure for excellence in research and a path to commercialization of related devices, components and systems.
Pin/ Zip Code:K7K 3N6
Address:Innovation Park at Queen’s University, 945 Princess Street, B50
Contact Person:Pat Botsford; Marketing Analyst
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