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Name of Company/ Organization:Fraunhofer Research Institution for Electronic Nano Systems ENAS
Company Description:The Fraunhofer Research Institution for Electronic Nano Systems ENAS in Chemnitz focuses on research and development in the fields of smart systems integration by using micro and nano technologies. Thereby, not only multifunctionality but also the implementation of different devices (multi device) consisting of different materials (multi materials) play together an important role. The integration of nano materials as well as printed functionalities causes new challenges and requires new approaches in terms of reliability, testability, design and security. Core competences of departments Multi Device Integration • Modeling, simulation and design of micro and nano systems (MEMS/NEMS) • Development of micro and nano systems (silicon-based and non-silicon-based) • System integration • Test and characterization of MEMS/NEMS • Technologies for wafer bonding (among them low temperature bonding) • IC compatible wafer level packaging Micro Materials Center Chemnitz • Mechanical and thermal reliability analysis, micro and nano reliability • Micro and nano materials testing and simulation • Security research, lifetime estimation and optimization of components and systems Printed Functionalities • Printed smart objects with integrated micro and nano systems • Printed functionalities: conductivity, semiconductivity, energy storage, catalysis, light energy transformation Back-end of Line • Low-k dielectrics • Metallization for micro and nano electronics / 3D-integration • Air gaps for low parasitic capacitances in nano interconnect systems • Process and equipment simulation Advanced System Engineering • Mobile wireless intelligent sensor systems, RFID antennas and circuits • Modeling and analysis of EMC and SI effects, EMC/EMR
Address:Fraunhofer Research Institution for Electronic Nano Systems ENAS Reichenhainer Strasse 88 D-09126 Chemnitz Germany
Telephone:(+)49 - 37 15 31 24 062
Fax:(+)49 - 37 15 31 24 069
Contact Person:Prof. Thomas GESSNER Director Fraunhofer ENAS Phone: (+)49 - 37 15 31 24 060 Fax: (+)49 - 37 15 31 24 069 E-Mail: thomas.gessner[at]
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