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Title:Nanosystems Design and Technology (Hardcover)
By:Giovanni Micheli (Author), Yusuf Leblebici (Author), Martin Gijs (Author), Janos Vِrِs (Author)
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Nanosystems use new, nanoscopic electrical and/or mechanical devices which, as constituents of electronic and electromechanical systems, find application primarily in computing, embedded control and biomedical data acquisition. In particular, this book will deal with the characterization and patterning of these materials from an engineering perspective, with the objective of creating operational prototypes and products.

The book will integrate various nano technologies on materials, devices and systems and identify key areas and results. The book will describe different design aspects for integrated systems on silicon, as well as on heterogeneous platforms including, but not limited to, electrical, optical, micromechanical and biological components in various forms and mixtures. By associating research topics from differing horizons, the book will provide a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between electronics/electrical engineering and materials science. The book will include topics at the intersection of these disciplines, and will interface with computer science, biology and medicine.

Paperback:175 pages
Edition:1 edition
Date:July 1, 2009
Production Dimensions:9.3 x 6.4 x 0.7 inches
Shipping Weight:14.4 ounces

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