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Catalytic Solutions, Inc.
Founded in 1996, Catalytic Solutions, Inc. ("CSI" or the "Company") manufactures and delivers a break-through proprietary technology that significantly improves the performance and reduces the cost of catalytic converters. CSI has developed a unique catalytic coating and an innovative manufacturing ...

Maaz K
Korea; Republic of
Nanomaterials fabrication and their structural, magnetic, and electrical characterization.

Nanostructures of Carbon and Boron Nitride
Nanotubes pages by Thomas Laude. Tutorial, bibliography, synthesis, references and links on this topic.

Controlled Growth of Nanomaterials (Hardcover)
Lide Zhang (Author), Xiaosheng Fang (Author), Changhui Ye (Author)
November 12, 2007 - 480 pages
This book introduces the latest methods for the controlled growth of nanomaterial systems. The coverage includes simple and complex nanomaterial systems, ordered nanostructures and complex nanostructure arrays, and the essential conditions for the controlled growth of nanostructures with differe ...

Chrome Nanodots
Jabez J. McClelland and Robert J. Celotta
Self-Healing Materials
Michael R. Kessler
Spiral Bimorphs
Calvin F. Quate

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