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United States of America
Exponential Business and Technologies Company (EbatcoTM) is an internationalbusiness and technology service and development company. It is Ebatco's determinedcommitment to serve the international communities through its world-first-classand broad range of products and services in nano/micro technolo ...

Biomaterials Nanoparticles Bioidentical Hormones

QuarTek Corp
A research company involved in the development of processes for the production of nano-sized materials, devices, and sensors for monitoring, display and control of physical properties and functions in scientific and commercial environments.

Atomistic and Continuum Modeling of Nanocrystalline Materials: Deformation Mechanisms and Scale Transition (Springer Series in Materials Science) (Hardcover)
Mohammed Cherkaoui (Author), Laurent Capolungo (Author)
April 17, 2009 - 480 pages
Atomistic and Continuum Modeling of Nanocrystalline Materials develops a complete and rigorous state-of-the-art analysis of the modeling of the mechanical behavior of nanocrystalline (NC) materials. Among other key topics, the material focuses on the novel techniques used to predict the behavio ...

Exciton Emission in Magnetic Fields
Khaled Karrai
Golden Flowers
K. W. Hipps
Sugar-coated nanoparticles
Oxford University

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