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Serendip LPH
Serendip LPH The Serendip LPH Low Pressure Homogenizer is an outstanding device for the dispersion of emulsions and suspensions down to the nanometre range and under very gentle process conditions. Scientific research has shown repeatedly that nozzle-based dispersion devices have a superior disp ...

• Designing of Polymer Scaffold for Tissue Engineering • Development of Nanofiber based Drug Delivery System • Nanocomposite Coated Conducting Fibers • Nanotechnology based finishing
A site maintained by Saarland University in Germany, offers information about existing nanotech products, methods and demands.

Nano: Technology of Mind over Matter (Hardcover)
Rav P. S. Berg (Author)
March 28, 2008 - 256 pages

Cloak off, Cloak on
Metallurgical inspection using the Phenom
Metal Proteins
Jonathan Trent

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