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Nanoscale Materials Inc
.NanoScale Materials, Inc., based in Manhattan, Kansas, is a marketer, developer, producer, and supplier of high performance specialty chemicals, products, services, and technologies to Customers worldwide. The Company holds a substantial intellectual property portfolio which includes its patented N ...

Dmitry Tagantsev
Russian Federation
glassy materials, rheology, ion transport, phase transition in glasses, nanoparticles in glasses, GRIN optics, electro-optics, non-linear optics, integrated optics, fiber optics

Institute for Molecular Manufacturing
Non-profit organisation founded to conduct research aimed at developing molecular manufacturing... More. From the site: The Institute for Molecular Manufacturing (IMM) conducts and funds nanotechnology research as a complement to ...

An Introduction to Electrospinning and Nanofibers (Paperback)
et al Seeram Ramakrishna (Author)
June 1, 2005 - 396 pages
The research and development of nanofibers has gained much prominence in recent years due to the heightened awareness of its potential applications in the medical, engineering and defense fields. Among the most successful methods for producing nanofibers is the electrospinning process. In this t ...

Ray Whitby
Water in Nanotube
Yury Gogotsi
Rostislav V. Lapshin

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